Saturday, July 19, 2008

Windows Vista! Accessibility! "Version 2"

The amazing Windows Vista! It includes built in accessibility settings and programs that
make it easier for you to see(magnifier),
hear(read out loud), and
use the computer.

Windows Vista was programmed and built, it was mainly meant for making using the computer easy, it works for you not for itself.

The accessibility settings and programs in Windows Vista are particularly helpful to people with visual difficulties, hearing aid, pain in their hands or arms, and other types of issues.

Windows Vista has a
wherever your mouse goes there is a big magnifier that appears at the top of the screen
showing whatever the mouse is around, recommended for people with visual difficulties.

It also has an
amazing narrating program,
recommended for people with hearing issues,
hearing aid.

And there is also an
astonishing Voice Recognition Software Program in Windows Vista,
you don't even need to touch the computer keyboard or mouse,
you just talk to the computer,
give it commands...
remember the computer is programmed to work for you not for itself!

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